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Visit the Official Zolo Web Site with more things from the creators of Zolo!

Buying ZoLo

If you live in America and like ZoLo, then you have the rest of us at a disadvantage. Zolo is not readily available outside of the US, so popping out to the nearest toy shop is not really a good idea if ZoLo purchases are your aim. Checkout the Official Zolo Web Site for other things from the creators of Zolo - they're pretty funky too!.

Wild Planet, who make Zolo, distribute their other products outside of the US, so I am confused as to why ZoLo has not made similar tracks. Fortunately, the Internet has allowed some American based on-line shops to open up, and the sets can be purhased. Sadly, this does limit the availability for non-web people.

Two on-line stores I can recommend buying Zolo from are:

Official Zolo Web Site

The Wooden Sets are BACK! Costing a whopping $120.00! There are also loads of other things from the creators of Zolo - they're pretty funky too!.


Explorastore sells the whole range of Zolo, including MotoZolo - the battery operated set and the other three sets. They will also be carrying the "Mini-Zolo" sets later on the in the year - with 3" pieces. Their server is not yet set up to receive international orders - but a few emails sorted the order out. They are currently working on allowing non US Citizens to buy from their site!


This does allow international orders, though I remember a slight problem with their on-line ordering service last year too. There was some confusion over the phone number of my bank (they could only cope with US numbers, my bank is, obviously, British!). A few e-mails sorted that out too. They do not carry MotoZolo, though.

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